Thanks to…

Thanks to Jenny Tarmey for being a ROCKSTAR in our finance department and to Leonardo & Co, PA…we have our corporate tax returns back in record breaking time this year! Sending a BIG thank you for some great team work!

It does feel AWESOME to get these tasks done each year and I am so grateful to have these behind us for another year and even more impressed that I only had to supervise!



T.H. Creations, Inc. is moving …

We are super excited about our move into a larger space that will allow us to spread our wings a bit more. We have begun packing and moving and expect to be finished by next week. All of our contact information will remain the same…just our physical location is changing to Lisbon. We will have the same email address…same telephone number…same mailing address…same services and business offerings. Stay tuned…pictures coming soon.

More…unscrupluous business practices RE:Domains

Did you receive a letter from iDNS – Domain Name Expiration Notice? Here is another unscrupulous company that is trying to find ways to replace your current provider and over charge you in the process! They prey on fear (your domain will expire soon) and lack of knowledge (who controls my domain name? What do I currently pay for my domain?). We have attached a sample copy so you know what to what to look out for. Don’t get scammed…this is simply an attempt to hi-jack your business, but at least this company does actually offer domain services.

iDNS Letter


20th Annual B2B Tradeshow!

We are pleased to be exhibiting at the 20th annual B2B trade show, Maine’s largest business networking event, next Thursday June 18th, 2015 at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Lewiston, Maine. If you attend or exhibit at this event, please look us up at Booth # 531. To learn more about the trade show visit Rumor has it that they still have a few booths available!

Should I buy a domain name?

Do you own a business? If yes…then you should definitely register a domain name whether you are ready to have a website or not. Any business should consider securing a domain name that closely matches their business/organization name for future use. Domain names are being purchased at the rate of 600,000 per hour world-wide. Don’t be left using the next best thing. Secure your name now!

What do you need to think about when registering a domain name? Well, there are a few things you should consider before making a selection or selections. First, think about how your existing clientele refers to your business. Think about what words you think people would type into a search engine to find your business or your kind of a business.

Keyword domain names (A.K.A. Generic Domain Names) work best for promoting your online presence to those that don’t already know your business name. A domain name that matches your business name is best for helping your existing customers find you online and for referring others to your business.

You should think about registering those that you feel best meet your business objectives, best fit your industry’s buzz words, and are most likely to be used in searches by your target market. More than one domain name can be pointed to a website, used for email, et cetera.

Search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others) use domain name matches, web page titles, meta tags, meta keywords, page contents, et cetera, to gather their information and refer searchers to the appropriate online locations. Since the domain name is high on the priority list with search engines, the generic, or keyword, domain names can sometimes produce better results. It is a relatively inexpensive way to increase your online exposure without spending a lot of money in advertising or paid placement. Multiple domain names can just be pointed to one website.

Building “Our” Future

We hope to see you Thursday at the 19th Annual Business to Business Trade Show held at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee on  June 12th. Come to enjoy the business social event of the season where you can reconnect with existing customers and suppliers or find new marketing potentials for your business. Bring a business card for free admission and see some of what the L/A business community has to offer.

2014 Y-Not Program

T.H. Creations, Inc was happy to support the 2014 Y-Not program, a civic engagement event organized by the Young Professionals of Lewiston Auburn Area (YPLAA) which encourages the young people of the Lewiston-Auburn area to take action to positively impact our local community. We wholeheartedly support the efforts of this year’s participants and send our thanks for the contributions made. If you would like to review some of the more than 400 responses!!! from this year’s program visit:

4 Paws Pet Grooming

4 Paws Pet Grooming launches a new website. Kate Foss, owner and groomer, loves her furry friends and enjoys providing them “the royal treatment”. Primarily serving small dogs (under 35 pounds) and cats of all types, Kate showers your family friend with love , hugs and kisses in a gentle and caring manner.

Check out their new website to learn more about Kate Foss and 4 Paws Pet Grooming located on College Street in Lewiston, Maine.

Consolidated Services Group launches new website

Consolidated Services Group launches a modern content management system website (built with WordPress MU (WP MU)) to help promote varied product and service offerings, while implementing an easy to manage maintenance system from around the globe. This functional system will allow each division to manage their own sections while the corporate office maintains complete control over the corporate website and continuously brands all divisions.