www.lplonline.org - This website was designed and developed in-house by T.H. Creations, it employs a CMS, animated updateable slideshow, custom database applications, multiple design themes, internal search box, quick links and more. The library news and upcoming events are auto-expiring and auto-archived. This website employs a three tier navigation and is separately managed by three different departments within the Lewiston Public Library.


Jay Niles Library, simple yet elegant! Designed using WordPress CMS which will allow for easy on site searches, in house updates, access to their newsletter a library card and more!

At www.jaynileslibrary.com you can access their catalog, find contact information, find information on library history, staff, hours and holiday closings. Also provided is an in depth “mission” statement to let the community know exactly how they can help you!




The Bailey Public Library released a new image archive at Bailey Public Library Image Archives. Built in house at TH Creations Inc using WordPress CMS for easy image uploads, a beautiful slide show and a search bar for the image archive its self!

In partnership the Bailey Public Library and the Winthrop Historical Society are providing a database for free and open access to images and a slideshow on the history in and around Winthrop, Maine.