The Town of Sabattus has launched it’s new website with more information and improved ease of use for citizens and visitors. The new site includes an interactive calendar of upcoming events, special areas for each department, the ability to keep the content up to date with uploaded documents and news items, and a variety of other functionality that can all be maintained in-house. – The new website format enables the town staff to manage the content in-house, which aids in communicating local news and developments, as well as provides a well-rounded stopping place for visitors from all over the internet that make an inquiry regarding Durham, Maine.

This website uses modern technology, including a Blog component for highlighting news & announcements and top stories. It also employs a live weather feed, an events calendar, offers a subscriber newsletter and has automatic feeds to Facebook and Twitter accounts, with automated scheduled reminders for upcoming events. Its’ internal search engine further provides visitors with a new method for navigating the content rich site. Complete with an active image gallery, local history, local business listings , town departments, town government and online services information, this website has a lot to offer.