How to promote your website with a shoestring budget…

Are you looking to trim some fat out of your marketing budget?

Some great ways to promote your website:

  • Make use of the vast availability of social media forums. (IE. Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, etc.)
  • Write press releases and submit to local publications (announce anything new with your business- new  business start up, new product lines, new employee, new website, etc.)
  • Create a links page and ask complimentary businesses to link to your website – one hand washes the other- I’ll add a link to your website, will you link to mine? Think of other business that would be good referrals sources for you, or compliment your services.
  • Make sure that any membership organizations that you belong to have current data and a link to your website – (IE local Chamber, business associations, etc.)
  • Make sure your web address is included on ALL printed materials (IE letterhead, business cards, vehicles, advertisements, brochures) that you use – and are included in all media outlets.
  • Make use of business directories and free business listings

Other things to do to help you identify where you should spend your time and money for promoting your website:

  • Surf and search the Internet to see where your competitors are coming up. Investigate to find out how much it cost to be there too.
  • Search online to see who comes up first in the non-paid section of search engines results. Click the link to see if they offer free listings, free advertising, or low cost membership.
  • Search the Internet to see where your business name appears. Contact the reference source and ask them to update your information.