Why does T.H. Creations, Inc. use WordPress?

It’s Free!
WordPress is an open source software, also known as non proprietary or shareware, which means that you don’t have to pay to use it or upgrade. No licensing fees apply…no matter how big your site grows or how many users contribute to it.You don’t have to pay to get the next upgrade.

Easy to Use and User Friendly:
You don’t have to be a computer expert, or geek to master it. This CMS (content management system) is easy to master. The administrator is easy to navigate and makes managing your website content a snap. If you can manage publishing text documents, attaching files, and inserting images…you got this!

Search Engine Friendly:
A critical element of any website, search engines must be able to access and read your website to refer site visitors. WordPress is search engine friendly right out of the box and there are extendable add-on features (plugins available) custom tailored for organic SEO.

Plugins Extend Functionality:
There are thousands of plug-ins and widgets available for use. If your website needs something special, its pretty likely that someone else has already built it and is willing to share. From pre-formatted design themes to easy social media add-ons this world wide supported shareware is worth checking out!

Large community Support:
WordPress is widely used around the globe. There is a large user community and contributors adding to development of this software everyday. There are WordPress forums and communities where you can find answers and solutions.

What’s the catch?
You will need a few things that every website needs no matter which software or platform is used:a domain name, a hosting account that supports PHP and MySQL and a copy of the WP software (free to download at wordpress.org). If this sounds like a foreign language, keep in mind that most non-technical people hire a web designer/developer to initially set it up, but then do their own website updating and maintenance. It’s like buying a car for the Internet. A web developer may create a custom vehicle for your business, put a pretty finish on it (design) and upload it to a server that is connected to the Internet (hosting account), but once you take control … you get to drive, decide where to go and how to get there.